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Shorter Days. Colder. Surf. Not much. Just check the lineup. End-o-summer into fall. Bleak. Some small days. Billions of straight-off Adolfs. But, fun with friends. That’s okay. The ocean is going off. Mega bait balls, dolphins, whales, birds, birds, salmon in the Harbor – and the smell…..live is wonderful.

Law enforcement made an estimated 12.2 million arrests in 2012. That’s an arrest almost every two seconds of every single day. Of these arrests, only 521,196 were for violent crimes. The total number of drug arrests in 2012 was 1.56 million, and 82% of those arrests were for possession alone, as opposed to sales/manufacturing. Of the total drug related arrests, a shocking 42% were for mere marijuana possession. So an American is arrested for marijuana possession every 48 seconds in this country. Incarceration Industrial Complex – feeding on emotions.

When you wonder about the price of gasoline, and hear the political society reason it out – consider: “In order to make an industry average return, a new production project in the Canadian oil sands requires a price of $81 per barrel. For an onshore U.S. field, it’s $70 per barrel, but it ranges from $45 to $95 per barrel, depending on the rate of oil flow. In the Gulf of Mexico, it’s $63. In the Middle East, just $23 per barrel. Many oil analysts predict that relatively weak growth in world oil demand coupled with rising production from newfound fields will make for flat or lower oil prices in the years to come. But if big oil companies can’t earn strong profits at today’s oil prices, it may mean prices will have to rise higher to convince them it’s worth the risk to continue to aggressively explore new fields. If they worry they can’t make enough money, they’ll cut back.”

“Unfortunately, rather than an orderly and lawful process to debate these issues and come up with appropriate reforms, repeated leaks of classified information have initiated the debate in a very passionate but not always fully informed way,” Obama said. “But given the history of abuse by governments, it’s right to ask questions about surveillance, particularly as technology is reshaping every aspect of our lives.” Are you F****ing kidding me? How do we have a debate about stuff we have no F****ing clue about until someone is kind enough to leak it to us? Orderly and lawful – you F*****ks have been hiding the stuff from us – not orderly and not lawful. And others on the team – Hayden was asked his opinion of Snowden. “I’ve actually thought about this,” he said. “He didn’t inform [the debate], he made it more emotional.” Sure – there was no debate, there was no information, it was not in the public square – until…..

So CorpGov just collects metadata – that’s it. There are two forms of metadata – Structural metadata is about the design and specification of data structures and is more properly called “data about the containers of data”; descriptive metadata, on the other hand, is about individual instances of application data, the data content – “data about data content” or “content about content” – Metadata (metacontent) are defined as the data providing information about one or more aspects of the data, such as:

  • Means of creation of the data
  • Purpose of the data
  • Time and date of creation
  • Creator or author of the data
  • Location on a computer network where the data were created
  • Standards used

CorpGov aren’t reading your email and such, they’re just sifting and saving your metadata – how you created your email, the purpose of your email (who, when, where, and why), time and date you sent your email, who wrote the email, where the machine is……..there is more……but that’s all CorpGov is sifting.


It’s one thing to do it – it’s another not to tell us you are doing it – I mean why not? And, after that, what about telling us how the “data” is controlled. By whom? Procedures? Constitutionality? Now that the cat’s out of the bag – we are hearing all about it. Another thing – wouldn’t the threat of “big brother” always watching prove to be deterrent? The fear of being found-out and droned – but deterrence only works if the threats that are supposed to cause fear are communicated to the adversary. No threats made, no fear created. This point is made by Dr. Strangelove when he says: “Yes, but the… whole point of the doomsday machine… is lost… if you keep it a secret! Why didn’t you tell the world, eh?”

And –Just trust us – The Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman says NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s disclosures about U.S. surveillance programs have undermined U.S. relationships with other countries and affected what he calls “the importance of trust.” And at home….”NSA infractions range from significant violations of law to typographical errors that resulted in unintended interception of U.S. emails and telephone calls, the Post said” Extrapolate from the typo…..

Benjamin Franklin famously said, “Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.”

Something to be proud of: Americans exploded the world’s first hydrogen bomb at Eniwetok, an atoll in the South Pacific, on November 1, 1952, just two and a half months before the end of Truman’s presidency. This explosion, set off from a control ship thirty miles away, was in an altogether different realm from the atomic bomb; and even those who had witnessed atomic blasts were stunned by this explosion. The fireball reached 57,000 feet; the cloud, when it had reached its farthest extent, was about one hundred miles wide. The eruption wiped the island of Elugelab off the face of the planet, leaving only a crater behind, and it destroyed life on the surrounding islands. Human beings who saw it were particularly struck by what happened to birds for miles around: They were incinerated, singed, sick, grounded, struggling to fly. The blast yielded 10.4 megatons of explosive energy, 750 times greater than the explosion that leveled Hiroshima. …

The Centers for Disease Control says 11,493 people died from gun homicides in 2011. Of the 13,288 people killed by terrorist attacks in 2011, seventeen were private U.S. citizens, or .001 percent. (17), and between 2000 and 2006, 2,752 Americans were killed by terrorist attacks, all on 9/11. The US congress are all for accumulating metadata to stop terrorist killings, and whatever else the spy agencies are sequestering (it’s about your definition of a situation, activity or object), but can not even bolster a discussion on gun control – look at the numbers – dude, seriously.

Six former Bank of America Corp employees have alleged that the bank deliberately denied eligible homeowners loan modifications and lied to them about the status of their mortgage payments and documents. The bank allegedly used these tactics to shepherd homeowners into foreclosure, as well as in-house loan modifications. Both yielded the bank more profits than the government-sponsored Home Affordable Modification Program – Indeed – a prime example of consumer fracking – squeeze them for every last drop! Dude, seriously.

A boom in U.S. exports of gasoline, diesel and other fuel has refiners and traders scrambling to reserve freighters to carry product from the Gulf Coast to Africa, Argentina and Asia. Soaring demand has driven the price of U.S. crude oil to its highest level in 16 months, and shipping rates have skyrocketed. How does this square with independence from foreign oil?

The accident served as an awakening for Garcia, who later commented: “That’s where my life began. Before then I was always living at less than capacity. I was idling. That was the slingshot for the rest of my life. It was like a second chance. Then I got serious”.



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